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Anonymous asked:

NAC: Have you ever considered making this a confessions blog for all fighting games? You already get confessions about Mortal Kombat, Virtua Fighter, and SoulCalibur.

I’ve gotten one confession about each of those other games. And there already is a confessions blog for all fighting games, though it hasn’t been updated in a while. Also, Mortal Kombat is the only other fighting game I play. Well, the MVC franchise too. So, not really. I haven’t considered it. Thanks for asking ^_^ 

Full Confession: I seriously wish that Kazuya would come back to being the main protagonist of the game or something. Like seriously, Jin and Lars? I’m not saying they’re bad characters or whatever the hell you guys think. But, looking back on Kazuya’s history, I think he deserves more attention than, those two. And more details and plotlines for his story please? It seems like there’s nothing more to him than, just getting more power. I get that he’s sorta like Heihachi at that point but, isn’t there anything else? I WISH THERE WAS SOMETHING REALLY ENTIRELY NEW ABOUT HIM, LIKE WOW, MAYBE KAZUYA JUST WANTS TO LIVE IN A WORLD FULL OF NICE SNEAKERS OR SOMETHING. 

No, fuck. Of course something better than that but, seriously. Something new from that guy. And also something about his rivalry with Lee. Like wow, is the Zaibatsu all they’re gonna fight about? Can we see them fight about something else? Maybe Kazuya can’t get over the fact that in their teenage years Lee stole his favourite sneakers before and he had to rip apart Lee’s DVD collection about Chinese stuff. Fuck that’d be horrible to add in the canon story but, come on.. And yeah, maybe a little something something as well on how he should take being related to Lars? Like wow mates, maybe I wanna see him team up with “new” sibling to take down Heihachi. But then again, maybe not. Who knows. But since Jin started a war and stuff and what the hell.. I don’t know what to say here now.

Gawd, Kazuya’s relationship with Jinpachi.. Pretty sure Jinpachi was one of the only handful living human beings before that was actually nice to Kazuya. Especially when he was a kid. Wanna see maybe flashbacks of him and his grandfather chilling and having some family time, which I’m pretty sure Kazuya rarely experienced.

JUST SOMETHING NEW SHEESH. Guess that’s a little too much to ask, but on other news. Steve Fox having a nice and happy ending sometimes, maybe, that’s all. 

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